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On February 7 2023, at smart classroom 5, Thep Satit Building, Mr. Songkiat Panphanpho (Acting head of graduate section) and Mr. Nares Boonpermpoon (Computer technician) both from the Office of Academic Administration and Development, conducted an onsite i-thesis training for MJU-IC graduate students. i-Thesis is an integrated thesis and management system that set the framework on how to write, plan, and manage the thesis in form of proposal, draft version, and complete version, along with the convenience on direct submission process to advisors and graduate staff. i-Thesis would effectively help students to strongly understand and be aware of plagiarism, both intentional and unintentional way which the system will examine the resemblance of the thesis through the program of Plagiarism detection named “Akkrawisut” and the system would probably use the tested results from other programs as well in case the educational institution requires the results from more than 1 program. The usage functions are divided into two main parts which are web portal and i-Thesis Add-in which is an extension installed on Microsoft Word. These two main parts are working together, for example, when there’s an editing data on the form in Web portal, or there’s a change in the name of thesis examination committee other information on the Electronics form menu, thesis template that was created by Add-in function will also be automatically updated in order to ensure that the information appearing in every section is consistent.

07/02/2023 17:09:00
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MJU-IC Dean Welcome International Studen...

On February 6, 2023, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rapeephun Dangtungee (Dean of MJU-IC), Dr. Winitra Leelapattana (Associate Dean MJU-IC), Dr. Kanjana Sommit (Lecturer), Dr. Prakash Murgeppa Bhuyar (Lecturer) and Staff of MJU-IC joined to Welcome Master and PHD degree students at Smart Classroom 5, Thep Sat Sathit Building. The Dean appreciated their effort for finally, scaling through difficult period of COVID-19 pandemic to join the onsite classes and urge them to utilize this period in finalizing the last stage of their Independent Study for Master degree student and Dissertation for PHD students. 

06/02/2023 16:30:48
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Welcome DEMI Students to MJU ...

On Sunday 5th February, 2023 at Chiang Mai International Airport, Maejo University International College Staff welcomed Masters and PHD degree students in Digital Economics and Management Innovation Curriculum (DEMI). This will be there first time visiting Thailand after the calm in COVID-19 travel restrictions, that has hindered them from not been able to attend on-site classes. During their stay at MJU, the student will round-up their academic activities, which for master degree are to graduate this semester and PHD will be defending their dissertation proposal, comprehensive examination and also other necessary academic skills they need to fortify them as a qualified PHD degree holders under MJU-IC 

06/02/2023 09:50:33
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Gastronomy with Exchange Students From U...

February 1st, 2023, at Thep Sat Sathit Building, Dr. Kanjana Sommit (Lecturer, Tourism Management, MJU-IC) and Dr. Nithat Boonpaisarnsatit (Lecturer, Faculty of Liberal Arts) gave a lecture and engaged the exchange students from United States, in "Agro/Eco-tourism and Gastronomy activities". The students are part of the collaboration between International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) and Maejo University International College. The aim of the activity was to reflects the culture, heritage, traditions and sense of community of Northern people in the cooking practice, the lecturers together with the exchange students prepared "Well done cooked Larb" (A traditional Northern meat salad) Larb is a very detailed dish, local spices are used and are roasted together, before pounding into powder using a mortar and pestle. Some of the spices have important medical benefits, such as helping kill parasites in meat, and even helping with the digestion process. Finally, gastronomy also help promote and understand diversity in cultures. It is also emerging as an important protector of cultural heritage.

01/02/2023 18:01:15
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International Students Join in Learning ...

February 1st, 2023, at the Arts and Cultural Promotion Division, 13 Exchange student from United States, in the collaboration between International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) and Maejo University International College join to learn Thai Arts, and Culture which includes, Thai traditional dance, Thai traditional music and equipment and Thai handicrafts. The activity was part of the overall "Agro-Tourism and Cultural Exchange Program" hosted by Maejo University International College.

01/02/2023 14:07:23
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Merit-making activities to give blessing...

On January 19, 2023 Dr. Winitra Leelapattana (Associate Dean, MJU-IC), Dr. Suthira Sitthikun (Assistant Dean, MJU-IC) together with doctoral students from the Tourism Management Curriculum participated in merit-making activities to give blessings to Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Thep Yowadee Kromluang Ratchasarinee Siriphat Maha Watcharajthida

27/01/2023 17:38:16
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Academic Collaboration with External Edu...

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rapeephun Dangtungee (Dean of MJU-IC) gave a special lecture during a meeting on Agricultural Innovation to executives from Chitralada Technology Institute, AIT executives and Dr. Subin Pinkayan, executive of Gateway City Industrial Estate, Chachoengsao Province in cooperation with international students, joint programs and Agricultural Innovation.

27/01/2023 17:20:16
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Development Plan and Operational Plan fo...

On 28-29 November, 2022 at Rimdoi Resort, Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai Province. Maejo University International College had a Faculty Development Plan and Operational Plan for fiscal year 2023.

27/01/2023 15:45:22


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